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Strategic Plan

The Future of PCIA: Ensuring the Legacy

From the beginning the Peace Corps Iran Association identified a vision of peaceful relations between the people of America and Iranians. In 2013 PCIA prepared its first Strategic Plan to set out the path for achieving our purposes: Preserving the legacy of Peace Corps in Iran and fostering a better understanding of Iran among Americans. Recognizing that our membership is aging, in 2020 the PCIA Board embarked on an update to the Plan to  provide guidance for the direction of the Association in the coming years. With the help of a consultant, a "Recommendations Report" was completed in March 2021. This report will help us plan a direction for PCIA that upholds our vision: a Strategic Plan for the Future of PCIA  

Already the Board has revised the PCIA mission statement that redirects our efforts to reach a broader membership and audience.  We will place emphasis on outreach and collaboration with other organizations that share our values and vision. The accomplishments of our Legacy program are a basis and resource for this outreach. 


Download the Quick Guide to the full report by clicking HERE.

You can download the full report for planning the future of PCIA by clicking HERE

A short discussion of the Recommendations Report will be available on this website prior to the October 2021 virtual conference.