Persian Refresher 2: Using Persian of Iran Today 1, 2

Anousha Shahsavari.

Conference participants have been asked to sign up in advance for a refresher course and to download pre-course materials and bring them to the session. This session is independent of Persian Refresher 1.

 Shahsavari, Anousha

Anousha Shahsavari, lecturer of Persian at The University of Texas at Austin, holds a BA degree in English Translation from Shiraz Azad University, received an MA in Applied Lingustics: Teaching Persian to Speakers of Other Languages from Shiraz University in 2005, and another MA in Second Language Acquisition and Application from the University of Maryland in 2009. She is the co-author of the two-volume, elementary Persian textbook, Persian of Iran Today, available in hard copy and online, with online audio and video components. She has taught at the University of Maryland Persian Summer Institute and the UT Austin Persian Summer Language Institute. Shahsavari is currently working on Persian of Iran Today–Functions, a Persian language textbook for intermediate and advanced level students.