Peace Corps Global Presenters Training

Meleia Egger

While there are big changes at Peace Corps, some things haven’t changed in 54 years. RPCVs have a wealth of personal experiences and cultural knowledge to share. But planning Peace Corps talks can be challenging–often RPCVs don’t know quite where to start. Attend this training to learn how to plan, execute, and enjoy your own Peace Corps activities. Talking about your Peace Corps experience to an interested audience can be extremely satisfying, keep you close to your experience, and allow for amazing learning and inspiration. Now, more than ever, Peace Corps is engaging with the RPCV community! Reconnect with the Peace Corps and challenge misperceptions about Iran.

 Egger, Meleia

Meleia Egger works in Washington, D.C., as the Peace Corps Third Goal Program Specialist / Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Group Liaison. In this role, she coordinates Peace Corps Week, and develops and supports Third Goal trainings, initiatives, and contests. Peace Corps has benefitted from her skills as a performance poet, storyteller, and writer. She is the author of the recently adopted Peace Corps Pledge. She also works with RPCV groups as their point of contact and resource inside the agency for their Third Goal efforts. Meleia served in Peace Corps Malawi as a biology teacher from 2007-2009. She originally hails from Madison, Wisconsin.