Defining and Developing Approaches to Building the Iran Center for Management Studies: Legacy in a Global Context

Organized by Jay Ahuja, Tamila Nikazm, Reza Rezaee. Moderated by James K Owens.

The Iran Center for Management Studies (ICMS), based in Tehran, was established in 1971 to provide graduate level training for future managerial and leadership positions in business, government, and other organizations in Iran. The concept and curriculum of ICMS was modeled after the Harvard Business School (HBS) and its academic standards were set accordingly, with the faculty mainly composed of teaching HBS professors on leave from Harvard.

The original ICMS program ceased operations in 1980. In its ten years of existence, the management school graduated some 500 Iranian and international students now living across the globe. The ICMS alumni held their first reunion in 1989 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The most recent gathering was held in May 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, with some 60 graduates and spouses in attendance. Today’s session, while not a reunion, will follow up on Legacy initiatives envisioned in Istanbul as well as other topics of contemporary interest. The session will address some challenges similarly faced by Peace Corps Iran Association.

The roundtable comprises ICMS graduates interested in defining their ICMS (1972-1980) experience and recommending future activities to perpetuate that legacy.


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Ahuja, Jay

Jay Ahuja is a graduate of the Iran Center for Management Studies.

Nikazm, Tamila

A graduate of the Iran Center for Management Studies, Tamila Nikazm is the finance director at the public utility, Austin Energy.

Rezaee, Reza

Reza is a graduate of the Iran Center for Management Studies working at Austin Community College.

Owens, James K.

A former professor of accounting and finance at the Iran Center for Management Studies, James Owen is currently professor of finance and Hodges Professor of Corporate Governance at West Texas A&M University.