FAQs about Peace Corps’s Third Goal,“Community Engagement”


What is “the third goal” of the Peace Corps?

Bringing the  Peace Corps experience back to the USA.

CONNECT to the community by



How does it apply to individual RPCVs?


Individual RPCVs are the starting point. Your experiences, your ideas, your desires for intercultural understanding and world peace are the basis for informing and engaging the community.


My service in Iran is over 40 years ago. What realistically can I do at this time about Iran?


So much! First, remember how rare it is for Americans to have had the extended Iran living experience you have. That experience is your entree to sharing your knowledge and engaging your local community about Iran and intercultural understanding.


Do I have to do a presentation by myself?


Absolutely not! Become part of a program by a local group– book club, service organization, or college. Meeting with RPCVs who served in other countries, joining a panel, sharing a book or article, recommending a local Persian restaurant. Don’t forget the many internationally focused organizations like charities and NGOs. Your commitment will find an outlet!


Politics seems to enter every aspect of life in the USA today. How can I do something that is “not political”?


Your experience in Iran is yours.  Your hobbies are yours.  Your beliefs about intercultural understanding are yours. If others want to politicize your PC experience, a hobby or a belief, that’s their choice. How you frame your connection to the community is your choice.


I’m not sure how to get started. What resources are there to assist me?


First, be sure to come to the Peace Corps Iran advocacy session Tuesday October 31 at 3:00– 4:00 PM. Find out what others are doing or would like to do.

Research “Peace Corps Third Goal” with your browser of preference. See what other Peace Corps groups are doing.

Ask other individuals about ideas– in person or via list serve.

Lastly,  be in touch with RPCV Iran leadership and the RPCV Iran website. “Community engagement” is now, more than ever, a priority of RPCV Iran.


See you in Annapolis!

Kerry Segel

Khonsar Iran, 1969-1971